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Adventure thru Bolivia’s Amazon plains, a trip you will never forget…

One of the most incredible attractions in Bolivia is “Las Pampas”, low lands that belong to the Amazon. Three hours from Rurrenabaque we find Yacuma River just a few kilometers from Santa Rosa de Yacuma surrounded by a wooded area, a boat trip on Yacuma...View More»

Splendorous Salar de Uyuni, Colchani, Volcán Tunupa, incahuasi Island, Galaxy Cave

Exploring 12.106 square Kms of salt, making Uyuni SALT flat one of the most impressive experiences in the world; Climb to the lookout point of legendary Tunupa volcano and admire the views. Continue to Fish Island (Incahuasi Island), Island surrounded by hexagon...View More»

Go to Uyuni Salt Flat by plane!!!

Departure from La Paz at 06:30 a.m. Amaszonas Flight.  Reception at Uyuni′s Airport  "La Joya Andina" 

Day 1.- La Paz - Uyuni - Colchani - Salar de Uyuni

Exploring 12.106 square Kms of salt, make Uyu...View More»

Mountain biking, Challenging Death Road…

The tour starts at the most dangerous road in the World. “Death Road”, descent among steep cliffs, observing nature and the extraordinary changing weather conditions.

The adventure begins at 4700 masl, with breath taking views, as we decent we can...View More»